Individual Sessions

The individual sessions are 1-hour online practice sessions, where I use the ANCORAR tools to develop a mindfulness work directed to the issues that emerge from personal processes.

In this format, starting from a one-on-one dialogue, we walk a path together through body and movement in search of greater anchorage, sustainability, autonomy, and vitality.

We work on anchoring from the relationship with the ground and the supports, on vitality from the pelvic movement, and on sustainability and autonomy from an immersion work in the practice and in the resources themselves.

We will search for paths to a body that is more aware of its resources and limits, and therefore able to be responsible for what it sets out to do, acquiring the ability to become entrenched in its own form, to create difference, and to trans-form itself.

This practice is available both to the general public and to pregnant women, in Portuguese and English.

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