Practices for Pregnant People

Practices for Pregnant People


  • What is it?

A practice dedicated to investigating the body and movement in gestation from a study of the pelvis and its connections. An invitation to open spaces, anchor powers, and release unnecessary tensions, finding pleasure in inhabiting one's own body in transformation. The ANCORAR practice for pregnant people aims to offer tools to help them go through this experience in a lighter way, with more autonomy and awareness.

  • Why?

The pelvis is the base of the torso, a gateway between outside and inside, the connection point between the lower and upper body, it is the source of life, pleasure and creation, it is our first cradle, our first experience of support, contour and welcome. When we move our pelvis, we also move deep contents of our subjectivity and our history, not only on an individual level, but also on a collective and even ancestral level. However, we can spend a lifetime repressing this content in order not to get in touch, and we live in a society that even encourages this, but during pregnancy, with all the transformations that happen in the pelvic region, it becomes almost impossible not to be confronted by all this. This process can often be very destabilizing, both physically and emotionally, so at this moment it is extremely important to have the tools to be able to welcome what emerges. It is only from this experience of self-acceptance that we can find the space to welcome the other, an indispensable ability in pregnancy and in all maternity.  

  • How?

In the ANCORAR practices we always work from the body in the search for different ways to get in touch with our capacity to feel pleasure, understanding pleasure here as potency of life and capacity for expansion, and the pelvis as the great center of this force. But to experience this expansive potential, we first need to anchor, that is, we need to know very well what supports us, because only then can we sustain our own expansion, otherwise we end up either repressing it, or transforming it into an explosion, that is, energy dispersion.

During pregnancy we experience what we can consider perhaps the greatest expansion that our body can experience, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, in the ANCORAR practices for pregnant women we will focus a lot on the recognition of our internal supports and supports, so that from them we can open more space, and gain more support strength, to deal with the expansion that pregnancy and birth demand. With the help of somatic practices and dance, we will become aware of our pelvis in its structure, function and expression, so that we can experience movement in its power.

These practices can be tried out in 2 different formats:

Individual Sessions:

The individual sessions are 1-hour online practice sessions, where I use the ANCORAR tools to develop a mindfulness work directed to the issues that emerge from personal processes.

In this format, starting from a one-on-one dialogue, we walk a path together through body and movement in search of greater anchorage, sustainability, autonomy, and vitality.

If you are interested, fill out the form below, and then send me a message on WhatsApp to get more information about values and payment, and also to talk about a plan that fits your demand:

Pelvic Study Workshops for pregnant women:

These are practical-theoretical workshops, of two and a half hours duration, dedicated especially to pregnant women, and also open to professionals in the area and interested parties, where I share some key points of my practice that I consider important to go through this unique experience with more autonomy and awareness.

- How do I open and negotiate my internal spaces to welcome "another"?
- On what ground do I support myself to give support to this movement?
- And how do I do this without losing my own spaces of self-acceptance?

These are some of the questions that we address in these workshops, exploring their concrete and symbolic aspects. And, with the help of somatic practices and dance, we will become aware of our pelvis in its structure, function and expression, and invite it to work with its potency.

The intention is to build tools so that these gestating bodies are able to better welcome their infinite transformations, and are able to appropriate their experience more anchored in themselves.

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