Recorded Practices

Pelvic Studies Workshop Cycle - 2021

Here you will find packets of recorded lessons (in Portuguese) that have been extracted from the meetings of the last Pelvic Studies Workshop Cycle of 2021.

This Cycle of Workshops took place between September 4th and November 18th, and was composed of 6 practical-theoretical meetings, divided into 3 modules. All the Cycle's meetings start with a theoretical introduction, then move on to the practice, and afterwards we talk about the experience. Here in these recordings, you will find only the practical part of these meetings, which I believe is a great way to get to know ANCORAR's research better.

In this Cycle, we investigate the pelvis from a systemic perspective, perceiving its relations with other structures of the body. We began in the Anchor Module by investigating its functions of support and support from the bones and the vertical axis, then, in the Compass Module, we studied its power as a driving force, associated with the sagittal axis, giving us a sense of direction in space, and finally, in the Navigation Module, we experimented with moving through these elements, using the horizontal axis to help us perceive how we place ourselves in relation to the other, or to the world.

It is possible to buy the modules separately, or the package with the complete cycle, but I recommend that the modules be done in sequence. All videos were minimally edited, in order to preserve the image of the participants, without losing the dynamics of the practice.

Pelvic Studies Workshop Cycle - Complete Package

6 hands-on videos taken from the recordings of the last Workshop Cycle of 2021.

40,00 / R$ 200,00

Total: 8 hours and 27 minutes

Module I - Anchor

2 hands-on videos:

1st session: 1h14 / 2nd session: 1h08

€ 15,00 / R$ 75,00

Module II - Compass

2 hands-on videos:

1st session: 1h27 / 2nd session: 1h32

€ 15,00 / R$ 75,00

Module III - Navigation

2 hands-on videos:

1st session: 1h43 / 2nd session: 1h23

€ 15,00 / R$ 75,00


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