Workshop for Pregnant People

About the Workshop

A practical-theoretical online workshop where, through somatic education and dance practices, we will focus on recognizing what supports us and strengthen our relationship with the ground and gravity. We will map our supports, and from them open more space for movement, seeing movement here as everything that animates the form: fluids, energy, blood, life...

Within this study of supports, we will also study our pelvis and its fundamental role in this dynamic between support and movement. With a better relationship with the ground and gravity, we have more possibilities to open and sustain internal spaces, to be a channel, and thus go through the expansion that pregnancy and birth demand with more autonomy, awareness, and pleasure.

  • In this workshop you will:

- Re-know your pelvis from the somatic experience;
- Map your supports and support structures;
- Experience the relationship between support and mobility;
- Access tools that will help you go through pregnancy and childbirth with more awareness, pleasure, and autonomy.

  • Investment:
    • 25.00 (Europe)
    • R$ 100.00 (Brazil)
  • This work is dedicated especially to pregnant people and perinatal professionals;
  • Recommended for any gestational age;
  • The workshop is recorded and available for 1 month!
  • Didactic material in PDF

This workshop is by appointment only, and only runs with a minimum number of participants. If you are interested in this work, please pre-register below, and once the minimum number of participants is reached, I will contact you by email to schedule the next workshop.

For questions, contact me here:

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