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Pelvic Studies Workshop Cycle



"The classes were very valuable to me!!! Your work is beautiful and opens a portal of internal perceptions that reverberates in many aspects of our lives. I feel today much more aware of my place, my space, my movement." (Testimony of Patricia Rozinholli)

"I feel like your mentoring has unlocked so much energy in me and benefited me so much. It has brought so much mobility, so much reconnection with the pelvis, so much release. I count the minutes to each class. They are all unique, special and beautiful. Since we started this exploration, my pelvis is always in motion. Always giving it a little shake, a bounce. It feels so good." (Testimonial by Liliana Sofia)

A cycle of practical-theoretical online workshops dedicated to investigating anchoring practices through the body and movement, taking the pelvis as a starting point. Lasting 3 months and meeting every two weeks, in this cycle we delve into each of the ANCORAR modulations:

Anchor Module


In this module, we will map out our bony structure, and from there, delve into an investigation of its relationships of support, support, and alignment. From the bone perspective, we also map out our pelvis in more detail, and experience it as an important anchoring tool that offers us the firmness to move without losing ourselves, while at the same time acting as a reference point, a safe harbor, or a place to return to.

And, from this work of recognizing the bones and our alignment, we will also study our Vertical Axis, the one that coincides with the direction of the force of gravity and marks in the body the relationship between heaven and earth. We activate the opposition above x below and find an alignment that marks our place in the world as a reference point, that is, a place to return to. In this axis we find a notion of "I". And the pelvis here acts as a gateway between worlds, sustaining a fine balance between opposing forces, helping us to retrieve that which sustains us.

The pelvis is home.

Compass Module


After realizing what supports us, in this second module we will try to set out. Just like a boat that sets out to sea, when we set out to move, what gives us support and firmness, beyond the supports, is also a sense of direction. To better understand this relationship, let's activate the perception of our Sagittal Axis, which connects front and back, and gives us a sense of time, past (back) / future (front). Now that I see where I come from and know where I am, I leave without fear.

Here we experience the pelvis in motion, our center of gravity and vital energy that orients and directs us in space.

The pelvis is a guide.

Navigation Module


In this 3rd module, we trust the structure, occupy our form and activate our courage, offering the body sufficient conditions for movement to emerge, without having to activate too much control. Here we occupy ourselves with simply opening the channel, and observing what presents itself.

To help us in this work, we turn to the 3rd and last spatial axis, the Horizontal Axis, which connects us laterally and brings us a sense of relationship and generosity. I offer my body a form, I witness and welcome that which emerges as impulse and movement, I take responsibility for that which crosses me, and I give back to the world that which belongs to me.

The pelvis is canal.

This work is directed to anyone interested in diving into a process of self-investigation starting from the body.

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