Regular classes

Regular Classes



The regular ANCORAR classes take place weekly online and are 1 hour long. In these practices, we have the possibility to deepen the work in group and in a continuous way.

Through somatic education and dance practices, we will become aware of the pelvis in its structure, function and expression, and work towards greater support, vitality and sustainability. We will investigate tools to activate a sustainable body, aware of its resources and therefore responsible for the forms it creates in the world. A body that is autonomous and able to entrench itself in its own form, create difference, and trans-form itself.

In each class, we will visit the 3 modulations of ANCORAR's work, focusing on one or the other, depending on the group's process:

Where we do a grounding work starting from the recognition of important support structures, such as the bones and the pelvic diaphragm. We search in the relationship with the ground, the weight, and gravity for ways to strengthen the structure that will sustain our own power. Here we find our place in the world, our starting point.

Here we work on the relationship with space. We take the pelvis as our starting point and activate its mobile power, which gives us a sense of direction. We start moving, because we have somewhere to go back to.

With our feet on the ground and a sense of direction, in this modulation we find our courage, and we allow ourselves to be a channel, opening passage and giving form to that which crosses us. We experience only offering support to the movement that emerges and enjoy this expansion with pleasure and autonomy.


This work is directed to all bodies, the objective is precisely to work with what we have, and, from there, to build new possibilities.

Pregnant and postpartum women are welcome in class too! If this is the case for you, please let me know before the classes start.

If you purchase the monthly package, and cannot come every day, it is possible to notify your absence up to half an hour before the class starts, so the class will be recorded, and the recording will be available to those who requested it until the end of the month. 


Regular Class (in Portuguese)

  • Wednesdays:

Registration open for APRIL classes until April 4

from 11am to 12pm (Lisbon time)

from 7am to 8am (Brasília time)

€ 10,00 / R$ 40,00

€ 35,00 / R$ 120,00

Regular Classes (in English)

  • Tuesdays:

Registration open for APRIL classes until April 3rd

€ 10,00

€ 35,00

Social Scholarships

Considering the social inequalities that exclude certain bodies from therapeutic and self-care spaces, I offer full scholarships for black, peripheral, trans and indigenous people who wish to attend classes. Please fill out the form below, and I will contact you:

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