• What is it?

ANCORAR is a body practice that proposes to investigate the body and the movement with a focus on the pelvis and its connections. With the help of somatic education and dance practices, we seek ways to anchor in our supports, so that we can enjoy our own movement with greater lightness, ownership, and pleasure.

The main goal of this work is, through the body, to connect with one's own power, considering the pelvis as the great center of this force, and understanding power here as a free flow of movement, which allows us to feel pleasure with our own body.

  • Why?

The pelvis is the base of the torso, a gateway between outside and inside, the connection point between the lower and upper body, it is the source of life, pleasure and creation, it is our first cradle, our first experience of support, contour and welcome.

When we move our pelvis, we also move deep contents of our subjectivity and our history, not only on an individual level, but also on a collective and even ancestral level. However, we can spend a lifetime repressing this content from getting in touch, and we even live in a society that encourages this.

The bet is that through work focused on the pelvis, we can access memories, release tensions and traumas, and reconnect with that which supports us both mechanically and emotionally. Working on our base and understanding its structural connection to the body as a whole can give us powerful clues about how our choices, our directions, and our desires in life are supported. 

  • How?

To experience this expansive potential, we must first anchor. It is necessary to know very well what gives us support, because it is only through support that we find the means to open space, and strength to sustain our own expansion, otherwise we end up either repressing it, or transforming it into an explosion, which is energy dispersion.

Therefore, in our practices, we focus a lot on recognizing our supports, our internal support structures, and our great center of vital force, the pelvis. The idea is to appropriate the supports, so that from them we can open new spaces, in order to let our movement emerge and flow in its potency.

The ANCORAR practices are meant for all bodies, except for the practices for pregnant women, which have a targeted approach.

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