Anchoring practices for navigating bodies

The Work

ANCORAR is a body research project created by Flora Mariah that facilitates movement practices based on grounding and anchoring work. An invitation to experiment with one's own body and find one's own dance with more confidence in the supports, more space and greater autonomy.

In this work, we start from the premise that:

Support comes before movement, in other words, for any movement to happen, support must first occur.

This is a basic mechanism which, unfortunately, we forget because we pay too much attention to movement. We get so busy performing masterful movements that we end up losing touch with our foundations, with what supports us.

In the ANCORAR practices, we are invited to stop and stop again, because, in fact, the movement is already there, it is given and it is yours! Movement is in everything that pulses; if there is no movement, there is no life. So the only thing we need to do is trust this and get busy just offering the conditions for this movement to emerge and flow freely.

But how to trust? And what are these conditions?

Methodology and Modulations

Through the practices of somatic education and dance, we build a deep perception of our form and everything that supports us. And, anchored in our support and our form, we gain more confidence and more internal space to open up our movement impulses. Here we will experience our body as a channel and work to make it function as such.

There are no models or ideals to follow, here we work with what you have, so ALL bodies are welcome! The work is done precisely from a perception and recovery of one's own resources. We map what there is, and WITH that we build new possibilities.

ANCORAR is divided into 3 different work modulations, where we delve into 3 different concepts: anchoring, vitality (pleasure) and autonomy:

1. anchor module:

- Anchoring and grounding;
- Relationship with the ground;
- Perception of supports and support structures;
- Perception of own weight in relation to gravity;
- Recognition of bones;

2. Compass module:

- We work on the dimension of vitality and pleasure;
- Contact with one's own pleasure;
- Awareness and activation of our vital energy center from the pelvis;
- Perception of the pelvis as a propellant for movement;
- Perception of the pelvis as a support for movement;
- Circular movements and vibratory patterns.

3. Navigation module:

- We work on autonomy and sustainability;
- Relationship between form and energy;
- Relationship between support and movement;
- Perception of the impulse of movement;
- How to support the open channel and offer the conditions for movement to emerge?
- How to be a witness to one's own impulse?

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