The Work

ANCORAR is a body and dance research project that develops anchoring practices from a study of the pelvis and its connections.

The pelvis is the base of the torso, a gateway between outside and inside, the connection point between the lower and upper body. It is the source of life, pleasure and creation, our first cradle and our first experience of support, contour and welcome.

When we move our pelvis, we move our history, and touch deep contents of our subjectivity, not only on an individual level, but also on a collective and even ancestral level.

However, we can spend a lifetime repressing this potential to avoid contact, and we even live in a society that encourages this. The point is that this lack of contact de-instrumentalizes us and makes us unable to sustain our own expansive potential, our pleasure and life drive. We often end up finding only two ways out: either we repress our expansion because we can't handle it, or we explode completely, wasting a lot of vital energy.

The bet of this work that I have been developing since 2018, is that from a study of the pelvis and its connections, we can find ways to access our personal potency, and develop tools that help us strengthen the structure that will support it.


Methodology and Modulations

Through somatic education and dance practices, we will dive into 3 basic concepts, which are anchoring, vitality, and sustainability. These 3 concepts unfold in 3 different modulations of work:

To develop the anchoring concept, we worked on the modulation of the ANCHOR:

  • Grounding work from a perception of one's own weight in relation to gravity;
  • Recognition of bones as support structures;
  • Weight transfers and the path of motion;
  • Relationship between support and movement.

To develop the concept of vitalitywe work on the modulation of BÚSSOLA:

  • Awareness of the pelvis in its structure, function and expression;
  • The pelvis as a propeller of movement;
  • The pelvis as support for movement;
  • Circular movements and vibratory patterns;
  • Bone connections and directions in space.

To develop the concept of sustainabilitywe work on the modulation of NAVIGATION:

  • Relationship between form and energy;
  • What is between the surface of the skin and the depth of the bones?
  • Perception of the body as a channel that offers support for the movement that emerges;
  • Concentric Movements x Eccentric Movements


An invitation to dive into our subjectivity through the body, dance, and contact with the pelvis, searching for tools that will support our processes and our pleasure.


The ANCORAR practices are for all bodies, except for the practices for pregnant people, which have a targeted approach. Check here below the formats available to experience the practice:

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